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How to Give a Full Body Massage at Home

how to give a full body massage

This is as much important as giving the massage itself. Ensure the surroundings are comfortable and pleasant. The room should have an ambient temperature.

Also, if the massage session is going to last a long while, then make some arrangements to keep it warm and toasty.

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Additionally, use soft towels to mask the cold and hard massage surface. All that for the comfort that’s so important. Use sheets and towels to offer privacy and warmth.

You can turn down the lights for a relaxing ambiance. If a sensual massage is something you’re interested in, you can even go for aromatic candles.

I prefer soft scents that aren’t very overpowering. But, it’s completely up to you.

You can pair it with some soft, soothing music in the background. I usually go for the sounds of nature. Think of birds chirping, winds blowing, and certain times waves crashing.

Although, we all have different preferences. So, it’s best to play something that makes your loved one/friend relaxed.

Choose the Right Oil

Oil offers lubrication (which can truly benefit your massage) that allows your hands to easily glide over the skin. You can opt for any essential aromatic oil or settle for natural oils.

Studies show that massage therapy combined with therapy is very effective for relieving anxiety. My personal favorites are Almond and Jojoba oil.

They are easily obtainable and you don’t have to spend a lot to get them. While most oils should do their job, it’s always wise to run a patch test on the skin to avoid any reactions to the oil.

Here’s How to Give a Full Body Massage

full body massage tips

Here are some of the steps you should take to give a good massage. It’s really not rocket science as long as you make sure to study it a little bit.

Step 1: Start from the Feet Upwards

Wrap your hands around the feet and apply pressure on the soles using your thumb. Make sure to pay special attention to foot arches.

Then, gently pull each toe individually to release any tension in the feet. Also, don’t forget to massage the heels and the balls of your feet.

The recipient doesn’t necessarily have to lie here. Sitting in a comfortable recliner chair is good enough.

Step 2: Move on to the Legs

Begin with gently stroking the calves up to the upper thighs. Use a technique called effleurage. It involves applying light pressure and stretching the skin.

Obviously, massage one calf at a time and cover the other one with a towel. Start kneading to relax calf muscles and continue doing the same on the upper thigh.

Once the skin becomes supple, press down the heel of your hand and move it in the direction towards the heart. Finally, cover the calf you worked on and repeat the procedure on the other calf.

Step 3: Transition to the Lower Back and Upper Back

Continue the usage of the effleurage technique. Start with long strokes at gluteus and finish at the base of the neck.

While keeping your hands parallel to each other, press along the spine using your palms. Afterward, fan out your hands when you reach the upper back and follow along the shoulders.

Pay special attention to the muscles along the sides of the spine. Don’t forget to keep on kneading to release the tension.

Press your fingertips into the flesh of the back and release it quickly. This is known as the press and release technique. It especially helps with chronic pain and injuries.

After you make your way to the upper back, massage around the shoulder blades. Whoever you’re massaging should bend their elbows to give you better access to those muscles.

Finally, relieve the tension and the knots by kneading around the tense portions.

Step 4: Neck and Shoulders

Continue with press and release technique along the neck. Ease out the tension around the shoulders by pressing with your thumb. Also, keep on maintaining a grip on your fingers.

Now work on the top of the shoulders by pressing the knuckles of your fists. Perform this while standing at the head. Follow it up by stroking along with the shoulders while pressing with your thumb.

Learn more about neck massage techniques here.

Continue with press and release technique along the neck. Ease out the tension around the shoulders by pressing with your thumb. Also, keep on maintaining a grip on your fingers.

Now work on the top of the shoulders by pressing the knuckles of your fisted hands. Perform this while standing at the head. Follow it up by stroking along with the shoulders while pressing with your thumb. 

Step 5: Massage the Arms

Branch out from the shoulders and start massaging the arms one at a time. Sweep along the arm traveling from the shoulder, triceps, and forearms. Knead the upper arms and the forearms to work out any knots.

While massaging hands, use circular motion and massage along the palms and the back of the hand. Pull and massage each finger. 

Step 6: Finally, the Head

Ask the person to flip over and begin massaging the scalp. Move down to the folds of the ear and earlobes. Lift their head and apply pressure in the hollow at the base of their neck. Continue pressing and releasing.

Afterward, begin the facial massage by first stroking the jaw in the upwards direction. Then, switch to swiping along the contours of the cheekbones. 

Now massage the temples in a circular manner. Move along the forehead and apply pressure on the center of it, right between the eyebrows. Press and release for about a minute.

General Tips on Giving a Massage

  • Do not rush through it, dedicate ample time and pay attention to every part of the body.
  • Warm up the oil before giving a massage. It’ll considerably relax muscles and improve the flow of blood in the area.
  • Keep the gates of communication open. Always ask whether the pressure feels comfortable.
  • Try to maintain skin contact at all times. That helps with maintaining the flow.
  • Be gentle and don’t overdo it. Adjust the pressure to the person’s comfort.
  • Focus mainly on the feet, legs, back, neck, shoulders, and arms since they are usually quite problematic. Find out which areas your friend would like to target more.
  • Keep extra towels at hand to wipe off the excess oil after the massage.
  • A nice warm bath before and after a massage does wonders too.
  • Be careful while massaging those with medical conditions. Especially if they have thin veins or spine-related issues. Always consult a physician before giving a massage to someone with possible health problems.

Something to Try for a Sensual Massage

Gently run your nails along the surface of the skin to build up the pleasure. Try using scented aromatic oils to awaken senses.

You can identify your partner’s erogenous zones and pay special attention to them. You’ll be surprised to know how many non-sexual areas can offer sensual pleasures.

Build up gradually and allow your partner to enjoy every touch. There’s no need to rush! Additionally, you can incorporate toys to heighten pleasure. Finally, be creative and explore as much as you can while having fun!

Also, don’t forget to take care of down there with a good electric shaver. Having a clean bikini line can make a sensual massage even more pleasurable.


That’s it! That’s all that you need to know about how to give a full body massage. Of course, it may seem like a lot at first but you can always print out the steps or go through them before the procedure. After a bit of practice, it will become an easy chore to handle!

A good massage offers a great way to connect with your partner or your friend. Health benefits are obvious too. All in all, definitely something anyone should try! If you have any concerns or questions, comment below, I’ll do my best to answer them!