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31 Power Bowl Ideas for Weight Loss

If you’re anything like me, bowls are your favorite meal. Especially if they’re loaded with yummy ingredients that will not disrupt the fitness plan, like these power bowl ideas for weight loss.

If you don’t have many recipes like that, don’t worry. I’m here to enrich your recipe folder with 31 delicious bowls that will energize, fill, and satisfy you in no time.

Power Bowl Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Breakfast Power Bowl

breakfast power bowl


This lovely and colorful bowl is the ultimate breakfast choice loaded with protein.

Not your usual oatmeal, this packed bowl is bursting with oats, berries, nuts, seeds, and lots of yummy flavors and textures.

Plus, Greek yogurt and a touch of maple syrup for a creamy and sweet indulgence.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 641

• Fats: 20g

• Protein: 34g

• Carbs: 87g

• Fiber: 17g

• Sugar: 19g

2. Savory Breakfast Bowl

savory breakfast bowl


A savory bowl made with eggs, spinach, peppers, avocados, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. It also includes parsley for freshness and Parmesan cheese for a sharper kick of flavor.

This morning bowl comes together in 24 minutes, and it will become your dearest morning ritual because it is fun to make and yummy to eat.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 895

• Fats: 66g

• Protein: 26g

• Carbs: 56g

• Fiber: 16g

• Sugar: 14g

3. Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl

chickpea scramble breakfast bowl


If you love scrambled eggs but are trying to stick to a vegan diet, then you better take notes because this plant-based scramble is the best alternative to the real kind.

It is made with chickpea flour and broth. And it also includes mushrooms, onions, and turmeric for a vivid color, which I suggest.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 180

• Fats: 8.6g

• Protein: 6.8g

• Carbs: 20g

• Fiber: 3.9g

• Sugar: 5.7g

4. Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl

sweet potato breakfast bowl


A sweet potato bowl, but in a creamy and sweet version. This bowl is made with roasted and whipped with a mixer until super fluffy.

They’re also combined with almond milk, vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup. The bowl is topped with yogurt, blueberries, and pumpkin seeds. So tasty, filling, and energizing!

Per Serving:

• Calories: 312

• Fats: 9.6g

• Protein: 9.3g

• Carbs: 50g

• Fiber: 8.4g

• Sugar: 19g

5. Orange and Dark Chocolate Yogurt Bowl

orange and dark chocolate yogurt bowl


Pecans, oranges, and dark chocolate. If that’s what you’re craving when you’re in the mood for something sweet, then I congratulate you on the sophisticated palate!

And I guarantee that this recipe will please your taste buds! How can yogurt with oranges and chocolate be anything less than delicious?

6. Chicken Burrito Bowls

chicken burrito bowls


If you’re into meal prep, this lovely chicken meal prep recipe will be a regular thing in your lunchbox.

Made with beans, corn, tomatoes, arugula, and rice. And drizzled with creamy Caesar dressing on top. It is a well-rounded, nutritious, and very filling meal that is a total crowd-pleaser.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 520

• Fats: 13g

• Protein: 37g

• Carbs: 64g

• Fiber: 9.5g

• Sugar: 4.2g

7. Mexican Meal Prep Bowls with Cauliflower Rice

Mexican meal prep bowls


If you are trying to follow a Keto diet or are simply ditching the carbs for the time being, this recipe is a definite keeper.

Cauliflower rice with shredded chicken, paired with greens and avocado slices for some extra fat. Bursting with nutrients and incredible flavor, you should definitely try this.

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Per Serving:

• Calories: 406

• Fats: 17g

• Protein: 48g

• Carbs: 17g

• Fiber: 8g

• Sugar: 6.2g

8. Red Kidney Bean Burger Bowls

red kidney bean bowls


Love a vegetarian burger? Then, these red bean patties will not disappoint.

Combining kidney beans with peppers, scallions, garlic, and parsley. These burgers are so tasty. You better make a larger batch.

They’re also served in the form of a salad, along with beets, arugula, peas, avocados, cucumber, and tomatoes.

And are drizzled with Caesar dressing.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 646

• Fats: 25g

• Protein: 28g

• Carbs: 86g

• Fiber: 34g

• Sugar: 20g

9. Chicken and Sweet Potato Meal Prep

chicken and sweet potato meal prep bowls


Sweet potatoes and chicken in a bowl. So protein-packed and nutritious, this meal-prep-worthy dish will be a regular in your kitchen.

The key to the good flavor here lies in the spices and herbs. So feel free to be generous with the flavorings. This dish goes perfectly with something creamy, like sour cream.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 728

• Fats: 37g

• Protein: 56g

• Carbs: 43g

• Fiber: 8.6g

• Sugar: 12g

10. Teriyaki Chicken Meal Prep

teriyaki chicken meal prep bowls


Salty, sweet, sticky, glazed, and incredibly nutritious! This chicken meal prep under 700 calories with broccoli and rice is a filling dish perfect for lunch and dinner.

To make it even healthier, you can use brown or wild rice. Or even quinoa. It comes together in just over half an hour.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 653

• Fats: 20g

• Protein: 51g

• Carbs: 68g

• Fiber: 2.4g

• Sugar: 23g

11. Healthy Orange Chicken

healthy orange chicken


Glazed meat, bursting with citrusy flavors. If that’s how you like your chicken, then this recipe goes straight to your recipe folder.

It also pairs broccoli and rice for a rounded dish. And it is perfect for your lunchbox and weekly meal-prep routine. And it is so quick and easy to make, too!

Per Serving:

• Calories: 662

• Fats: 15g

• Protein: 62g

• Carbs: 71g

• Fiber: 6.1g

• Sugar: 21g

12. Baked Herb Chicken Breasts with Couscous

baked herb chicken breast with couscous


Lean chicken breast, sitting on a bed of fluffy couscous and veggies. Flavored with tons of herbs, this dish is aromatic and so pleasing to your palate.

Besides, with that much protein and calories, it is super filling, too. And yet, it helps you lose weight. Who doesn’t want that?

Per Serving:

• Calories: 633

• Fats: 17g

• Protein: 61g

• Carbs: 56g

• Fiber: 7.5g

• Sugar: 9.7g

13. Vegan Edamame Poke Bowl

vegan edamame poke bowl


If you love a good Poke bowl, I’ve got a recipe you simply have to try.

This edamame dish with tofu, bok choy, green beans, and sushi rice is better than your usual Asian takeout. Plus, it comes with a spicy mayo sauce that will force you to lick the plate.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 515

• Fats: 18g

• Protein: 20g

• Carbs: 71g

• Fiber: 12g

• Sugar: 11g

14. Black Bean Brown Rice Meal Prep Bowls

black bean brown rice bowls


If you love the combination of beans and rice, this meal-prep bowl is definitely for you.

It is plant-based and full of nutrition. But the most important thing about it must be the avocado crème. The dish also features tomatoes and corn, and it is seasoned with Taco flavors.

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Per Serving:

• Calories: 420

• Fats: 16g

• Protein: 14g

• Carbs: 61g

• Fiber: 17g

• Sugar: 4g

15. Grilled Chicken Grain Bowls

grilled chicken grain bowls


This is so not your boring chicken salad. It is full of flavor and satisfying charred notes, that you simply cannot be indifferent.

It is made with quinoa, zucchini, peppers, avocado, and onions. But it is the lemon and garlic marinade that steals the show here.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 392

• Fats: 25g

• Protein: 22g

• Carbs: 20g

• Fiber: 3g

• Sugar: 8g

16. Coco-Lemongrass Vermicelli Shrimp Bowl

lemongrass vermicelli shrimp bowl


If you’re looking for a summertime dish that you would enjoy on the patio, let me just introduce you to this sunshine-y bowl of shrimp goodness.

Coconut-milk-infused shrimp combined with vermicelli, peppers, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions, and herbs. Plus, some salted peanuts for a surprising crunch.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 875

• Fats: 53g

• Protein: 35g

• Carbs: 75g

• Fiber: 7g

• Sugar: 6g

17. Smoked Salmon Cottage Cheese Bowl

smoked salmon cottage cheese bowl


Smoked salmon in a bowl is my all-time favorite fancy breakfast! And this one is so close to perfect!

But the ingredients couldn’t be any simpler. Besides smoked salmon, this dish also combines tomatoes, cucumber, and cottage cheese.

The Everything bagel seasoning is the cherry on top. The prep time is only 8 minutes!

Per Serving:

• Calories: 196.1

• Fats: 6.2g

• Protein: 22g

• Carbs: 8.2g

• Fiber: 0.7g

• Sugar: 5.5g

18. Cuban Chicken Rice Bowl

cuban chicken rice bowl


Ready in 20 minutes, this Cuban dinner is finger-licking good. And I don’t say that as an exaggeration.

The chicken is combined with pineapple, beans, rice, and avocado. It has a sweet and salty orange juice and soy sauce glaze.

The perfect combination of texture and flavors, all in one bowl.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 515

• Fats: 20g

• Protein: 38g

• Carbs: 48g

• Fiber: 11g

• Sugar: 12g

19. Buddha Bowls

buddha bowls


A Buddha bowl is a bowl filled with many veggies and yummy ingredients that starts resembling a Buddha’s belly.

And this belly is so nutritious and tasty that you will be making it regularly.

It consists of sweet potatoes, chickpeas, spinach, cabbage, avocado, cashews, and tahini. With just a touch of lemon for some tanginess.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 618

• Fats: 25g

• Protein: 19g

• Carbs: 82g

• Fiber: 16g

• Sugar: 9g

20. Chicken Mediterranean Bowl

chicken mediterranean bowls


This Mediterranean salad with chicken and Greek flavors is to die for. It is so creamy and fresh. I hope that it will become your favorite hearty lunch!

It also combines cauliflower rice, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese, and tzatziki. You can even wrap it up into a tortilla if you are in a rush.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 318

• Fats: 18g

• Protein: 30g

• Carbs: 12g

• Fiber: 4g

• Sugar: 6g

21. Miso Ginger Salmon Bite Bowl with Broccoli

miso ginger salmon bowl with broccoli


Salmon bites marinated with miso and paired with rice, broccoli, and tofu. With flavors of ginger, lime, and soy sauce, this Asian delight will be ready on your table in just half an hour.

Loaded with healthy ingredients and is incredibly filling. Who knew that such a hearty dish would not work against your fitness goals?

Per Serving:

• Calories: 748

• Fats: 42g

• Protein: 55g

• Carbs: 47g

• Fiber: 17g

• Sugar: 12g

22. Keto Taco Bowl with Cheese Shell

keto taco bowl with cheese shell


This Keto Taco bowl is a low-carb dish that is made in a cheese wrap. It is loaded with ground beef, chilies, and your favorite Mexican flavors.

But that’s not all! This dish is topped with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheddar, avocado, and sour cream. And a decent amount of salsa for that lovely kick.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 570

• Fats: 44g

• Protein: 36g

• Carbs: 10g

• Fiber: 3g

• Sugar: 4g

23. Burrito Bowl

burrito bowl


Vibrant in color, rich in flavor, and with different textures that will make your taste buds pop. This lovely burrito bowl is a lunch/dinner dish that is incredibly filling.

It is also very rich in protein, which makes you like it even more. Because it is so energizing and yet guilt-free and healthy.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 493

• Fats: 28g

• Protein: 23g

• Carbs: 40g

• Fiber: 13g

• Sugar: 4g

24. Hawaiian Poke

Hawaiian poke


Whether as an appetizer or a main dish. This Aloha (Hawaiian) Poke will look fancy on your table.

Made with sushi-grade tuna, red onions, scallions, and seaweed, you will change nothing about this amazing combination of ingredients.

Plus, it takes just 15 minutes to prep and 45 minutes to marinate.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 107

• Fats: 5g

• Protein: 14g

• Carbs: 2g

• Fiber: 1g

• Sugar: 1g

25. Roasted Veggie Glow Bowls

roasted veggie bowls


Roasted carrots and cauliflower with fluffy quinoa and tahini dressing.

Who needs meat when you have such delicious cruciferous veggies, right? Most will disagree, but once they try the amazing coating on the veggies here, they’ll change their mind.

The recipe also combines kale and avocado. And it is rich in curry, cumin, and turmeric.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 535

• Fats: 31g

• Protein: 17g

• Carbs: 55g

• Fiber: 13g

• Sugar: 13.5g

26. Healthy Chicken Fajita Bowls

healthy chicken fajita bowls


Chicken fajita is a family favorite recipe that is simply made for sharing. And this bowl version is just that!

Made with peppers, chicken, rice, beans, and corn. Plus, some chili peppers for that Mexican oomph. The recipe uses breast tenderloins, but you can use other chicken parts, too.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 466

• Fats: 9g

• Protein: 36g

• Carbs: 60g

• Fiber: 9g

• Sugar: 3g

27. Spicy Salmon Bowl

spicy salmon bowl


This is what I call a rainbow in a bowl. Yummy salmon bites are accompanied by crunchy and colorful veggies.

This recipe is the definition of a healthy lunch, and yet it has an amazing 675 calories. So you’ll be anything but hungry.

The best part? The spicy mayo dressing that is drizzled over.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 675

• Fats: 22g

• Protein: 55g

• Carbs: 62g

• Fiber: 3g

• Sugar: 13g

28. BBQ Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potato Bowls

BBQ chicken and roasted sweet potato bowls


Be honest, who doesn’t like barbecue chicken? I know I’m the first one in line for some sticky, juicy, glazed meat.

And this weeknight meal allows you to make that food-truck-worthy dish, right in your kitchen. Shredded chicken with barbecue sauce, paired with sweet potatoes and broccoli.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 524

• Fats: 15g

• Protein: 51g

• Carbs: 45g

• Fiber: 6g

• Sugar: 24g

29. Mexican Shrimp Bowl

Mexican shrimp bowls


In the mood for some shrimp? Here is a great recipe that is healthy and nutritious. And still fills you up.

It is paired with quinoa, tomatoes, and avocado. But it has a secret ingredient that makes this dish so delicious – tequila.

I suggest good-quality booze for this recipe. It really makes a difference.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 650

• Fats: 26g

• Protein: 31g

• Carbs: 66g

• Fiber: 14g

• Sugar: 18g

30. Low Carb Salmon Cauliflower Rice Poke Bowl

salmon cauliflower poke bowl


If you are counting your carbs, then this poke bowl that’s Keto-approved should definitely be on your radar.

Because it is protein-packed, healthy, raw, and super fresh. It is made with cauliflower rice, salmon, cucumbers, avocado, edamame, and radishes.

And a Yum Yum sauce as a creamy touch on top.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 174

• Fats: 6.4g

• Protein: 25.9g

• Carbs: 4g

• Fiber: 2.2g

• Sugar: 1.2g

31. Vegan Chimichurri Tofu Bowl

vegan chimichurri tofu bowl


This Baked tofu bowl is rich in healthy fats for a delicious and energizing dinner. Tofu may be the star here, but the Za’atar carrots really stand out.

Add the Chimichurri sauce to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a bowl of yummy flavors that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Per Serving:

• Calories: 513

• Fats: 38g

• Protein: 4g

• Carbs: 39g

• Fiber: 4g

• Sugar: 4g