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What are the Benefits of Facial Massage

benefits of facial massage

I’m sure many of you enjoy a good massage, because you find it relaxing and therapeutic. Often it feels great to start moving muscles that stay frozen and locked inside our bodies.

However, many of us probably don’t even realize that there is much more to a massage. Here are the benefits of facial massage that everyone should know.

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Benefits of Facial Massage

We often go to a salon to get a facial massage and pay quite a lot of money for the relaxing experience. However, you still can do it by yourself at home and get these benefits for free.

All you need for that is some cream, oil and your hands. Here are the advantages of facial massage.

Boosts Circulation

Massaging your body improves your overall circulation. That’s because capillaries warm up, they expand and therefore bring more nutrients and oxygen into the skin cells.

That especially becomes useful when you are massaging your face. Face skin, unlike the rest of the body, often has to deal with harsh environments, chemicals that are on the streets, sun and extreme weather conditions.

That can tire cells and disturb them. Therefore, bringing a little bit more oxygen and nutrients to them can never hurt! On the contrary, they’ll keep them alive and going.

Detoxifies Skin

One of the benefits of facial massage is detoxification of the skin. Since massaging improves circulation, and nutrients can come in easier.

It also means that toxins and other unnecessary chemicals can easily come out of the cells and get into the bloodstream. Also, it contributes towards lymphatic drainage and gets rid of the toxins through the lymphatic system too.

That basically contributes towards healthier cells. You’ll notice that your skin is shinier and healthier.

With time, you’ll start looking younger, more relaxed and rested since getting rid of toxins from your face skin can ease up its life tremendously.

Helps Your Skin Glow

A facial massage will improve your circulation and help those capillaries to expand. In return, it will bring more oxygen and nutrients into your skin cell.

Therefore, your skin will start glowing. Your red cheeks will improve your overall complexion too!

Nowadays, we all try to improve our face color with makeup. However, we often forget that simply pinching and massaging those cheeks can improve our overall look.

You can look healthy naturally! It’s as good as it sounds, trust me!

glowing skin after massage

Reduces Dark Circles

Dark circles usually form when blood collects under your eyes. They’re often accompanied by puffiness that might be hard to get rid of.

However, a good massage can do the deed and help you alleviate some of these unnecessary problems. A facial massage also helps to relax and contributes towards better sleep, which consequently helps to get rid of those dark circles.

Stimulates Formation of Collagen

If you massage your skin with vitamin C serum, you’ll notice with time that you no longer have annoying lines and simply look younger. That’s mostly because of vitamin C.

Whenever it gets into cells, it becomes activated and attaches oxygen with hydrogen. That’s a process of hydroxylation which causes proline and lysine to form.

Later, these amino acids help with the formation of collagen. Now you’re probably wondering how face massaging is related to all of that.

Well, the reason is quite simple. It helps vitamin C to get into the skin when you’re rubbing it.

That’s mostly because you improve blood circulation, let capillaries to expand, and nutrient exchange becomes much easier and faster. That’s how vitamin C gets into the cells and does all the wonderful things.

Unblocks Sinuses

If you have a cold or suffer from blocked sinuses, a good facial massage can alleviate a bit of that pressure and drain mucus-filled sinuses. Sometimes when something is stuck inside your body, you simply need to help it and move it around a bit.

It will open some of those canals and aid for easier breathing. Simply put your index fingers on where your eyes meet and circle them while giving them some pressure.

You could also use two fingers of each hand and go down from the same spot towards your cheeks while pushing your fingers into your skin. Also, massage your cheeks just outside your nostrils.

If you’re experiencing pain, stop and seek medical help.

Softens Wrinkles

As I’ve discussed before, massaging improves blood circulation, which contributes to better nutrient and oxygen exchange. That helps collagen to receive vitamin C that’s so needed to form collagen which keeps skin tight and healthy.

You could also use a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, and honey to massage it into your forehead. Your skin will get some of that natural vitamin C from lemon juice, and sugar will nicely exfoliate it.

Reduces Face Puffiness

I’m sure you’ve all had a day when you woke up and your face just didn’t look right. Somewhat bigger than usual for no apparent reason.

We’ve all been there and it’s as annoying as it sounds. Our face is usually puffed due to the liquids that simply get stored on our face.

There are various reasons why it could happen: excess alcohol consumption, consuming too much water, incorporating too much salt into your diet, obesity or allergic reactions. While a massage cannot treat you from diseases or adjust your diet, it can certainly help to push excess fluids into your lymph nodes where it then gets rid of them.

It’s a simple and a quick way to reduce some of that face puffiness.

what are the benefits of facial massage

Reduces Headaches

Whenever you sense that the front of your head is aching, it’s very likely that this pain is caused by tensed up muscles. That usually means that a good massage can help your muscles to let go of the pressure and ease up.

It’s one of the benefits of facial massage that can come to use every day. Whenever you’re trying to get rid of a headache, make sure to relax and start circling with your index fingers just where your eyebrows meet.

You might even experience some pain while applying pressure to your muscles but keep on doing that since it most likely means that they’re tensed up. Therefore, it’s likely the reason why you are in so much pain.

Just keep on doing it until the pain goes away. Additionally, you could just generally move some of your face muscles to improve circulation so that your face can relax.

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Helps to Get Rid of Double Chin

While massage on its own won’t help you to get rid of your double chin completely. However, it can significantly improve your chin’s appearance if you combine it with exercise and a good diet.

A massage for a double chin can simply get rid of the excess of liquid and make your double chin look smaller. Therefore, if you massage your chin regularly, you notice that it’s slowly disappearing.

Drains Lymphatic Vessels

I’ve already mentioned this advantage alongside other benefits of facial massage. However, the fact that a massage can push the liquids into lymph nodes is truly magical.

That, in return, helps to get rid of face puffiness, clear up sinuses and improve overall nutrient exchange by getting rid of toxins. It simply shows that a facial massage should become a part of your healthcare routine every day due to its detoxifying benefits.

Helps to Get Rid of Chubby Cheeks

If you have chubby cheeks and don’t feel comfortable with them. There is a good way to lift them up a bit and slim them down.

Simply put two of your fingers right where your cheekbone starts next to your nostrils and then push them towards your ears alongside the edge of the bone. You’ll help your cheeks to get rid of excess liquids and help your muscles to get some of those nutrients.

They should help your muscle to become more active and use some of the cheek fat to function.

chubby cheeks

Reduces Broken Capillaries

A deep tissue massage can stimulate blood circulation and improves capillary walls elasticity. Whenever you’re massaging your skin, be very gentle.

You can use vitamin C serum to massage into your skin. It should help you to increase collagen production.

It, in turn, can minimize the appearance of broken capillaries. Simple and yet magical!

Help You Relax

Yes, massaging your face has all these benefits. However, probably the most important advantage is the fact that it relaxes you.

Facial massages are therapeutic and they can help you to let go of all the tension and problems. Any massage simply forces you to stay in a moment and meditate a little bit.

That’s very useful nowadays since our lives are so hectic.


Benefits of a facial massage are not always obvious to everyone. However, helping those muscles to relax and move around can truly help us feel better and look better.

Do you massage your face from time to time? How often do you do it? Have you noticed any results? Let us know in the comment section! We’d love to hear your thoughts.