How to Use Essential Oil Diffuser at Home


Gaining in popularity in our modern day world is the practice of using essential oil diffusers.  These innovative inventions are here for our benefit in keeping house and office smelling positively tip top.  This nouveau mode preparation not only permeates fragrance into our surroundings but also keeps the atmosphere humidified and sanitized too. That, in itself, has numerous benefits to mind and body health. Trying this device with the addition of essential oils means a reduction in stale hanging particles making way for a more purified air to live and work in. Wondering how to use essential oil diffuser at home? Won’t need to do it for long!

Diffusing Essential Oils

If you know your essential oils you can routinely utilize these within your diffuser to create the exact ether for you and your family’s daily well-being.  Oils used in diffusers can be uplifting, energizing, immune-building, soothing and relaxing. Also, they are anti-bacterial/viral/fungal and decongestant. We’ll be looking into the essential oils later but first, let’s get a greater understanding of exactly what an ‘essential oil diffuser’ is.

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What is An Essential Oil Diffuser?

Simply put, an ‘essential oil diffuser’ is an aesthetically pleasing gadget which, when placed in your surroundings, enhances your environment. It dispenses and spreads a fragranced (herbal) mist. These widespread-used appliances have numerous benefits. Everyone knows them as harbingers of great health and general well-being, including psychological and physical prosperity.

The diffusing of oil dates back to ancient civilizations whereby treatments of steamed/vapored oils would be used in healing ailments of all types.  Back then, ways of diffusing oil were more rugged and earthy whereas today. We have both science and art putting tremendous effort into creating high-tech visually pleasing, long yielding and environmentally friendly devices.

How Do Aromatherapy Diffusers Work?

The diffuser itself can incorporate mixing water, essential oil fragrance and heat to create a vapor/mist.  It is then ejected and distributed into the atmosphere.  It is the heat part of the diffuser which helps break down the water and oil into micro-particles. Therefore, tiny subdivisions then propel into your atmosphere to aerially disinfect and purify it. However, nowadays new technology is minimizing the need for either heat or water. It instead brings in such magic as sonic waves to help produce the micro-particles.

It is believed that essential oils charge the air with negative ions. Therefore, air purification occurs through the diffusion of essential oils.  If there are too many positive ions in the air, then it can become stale.  Essential oil diffusion eliminates the positive ions and thus purifies the air.

How to Use Essential Oil Diffuser at Home?

With so many choices on the market, it can seem daunting to choose a diffuser most relevant to your requirements.  Here to help you resolve the matter is a quick look at three differing diffusers. Here's how to use them and which essential oils will fit the bill for a clean bill of health.

How to Use Basic Diffuser

Terra-Cotta (or Ceramic) Dish Diffuser

Terra-cotta is fired clay well-known for its porous and absorbent qualities. Thus, as soon as essential oils are dropped onto the surface, diffusion will take place immediately. The diffuser is usually shaped as a small bowl or dish atop a base. It has a carved out space for a tea-light candle to be inserted together with patterned cut-outs to allow for ventilation. It can also shape-shadows from the candlelight to reflect upon walls or surfaces.  After having poured a small amount of tepid water into the bowl part of the diffuser, you then ignite the tea-light and add the essential oils to the water. Dependent upon which oils you are using will reflect the number of drops you add. Tea-lights differ in their burning time. So, diffusion and air cleaning depend upon tea-light life.

Essential Oils to Use

Here are a few essential oils you could use with this type of diffuser. Knowing how to use essential oil diffuser is not enough. You also need to have an idea of how essential oils affect your skin and body in general.

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This essential oil is well known for its woodsy and sweet smell. It repairs DNA and has energizing properties. Therefore, would be good to use it in the morning while the whole day is still ahead of you. It’s anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory too. Thus, feel free to diffuse it whenever you’re feeling a little bit ill or just under the weather.


Many feel that frankincense essential oil calms them down and lets them relax. It’s like a key to the spiritual world and self-awareness. It also helps with wrinkles and reduces acne blemishes. Surely, that’s something that could be appreciated by anyone.

Blend Sandalwood and Frankincense to help alleviate perennial allergic rhinitis.

Basic Diffuser’s Advantages

Basic glazed ceramic or terra-cotta diffusers are great value for money and you always get that ‘rustic’ feel when using this type of diffuser. Due to the use of the candle, you should use it under supervision. Keep it away from children so that they don’t burn themselves or the house.

How to Use Ultrasonic Diffuser

Modern Ultrasonic Technology

Commonly made from plastic, Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers use no naked flames or smoke and require no heat source. Therefore, there is a good element of safety in using this type of diffuser.  Instead of a heat source, this diffuser uses modern ultrasonic technology and therefore is very quiet in its working. All you have to do is add your favorite essential oil or oil blend to the designated compartment. Then, switch the on the button, choose your favorite color for some mood lighting and enjoy the emanating calm. This type of diffuser is very portable and because there is no naked flame it can be used unsupervised. Safe for those who have children around! Also, when it comes to price, it is affordable but can cost 3 to 4 times more than your Basic Diffuser.

Essential Oils to Use

Some of these oils could go well with your ultrasonic diffuser.


If you’re not a big fan of lavender, you might become one. It not only smells great but also offers so many diverse benefits. Its antioxidants slow aging and help your skin to get that healthy, youthful glow back. It relieves pain and reduces acne. Additionally, studies show that it cures a headache too! Moreover, it reduces anxiety and helps to get some good, holly sleep. Therefore, it should probably be used before going to sleep.


Even those who don’t know how to use essential oil diffuser must have heard of this essential oil. It’s very simple and yet effective. Also, it can be anyone’s, who like the smell of citrus fruits, favorite. Studies show that mandarin can combat cancer due to its ability to inhibit tumor growth. It also reduces pain, anxiety and diminishes stretch marks.

How to Use Nebulizer Diffuser

Atomizer technology

Nebulizers work using an atomizer technology. Like the Ultrasonic they do not use heat or water, you just drop the essential oils in as is and diffuse.  Due to its atomizer ability Nebulizers give a much more potent, concentrated output of essential oils. This type of diffuser is great for using in larger spaces and works for longer periods of time too.  It is more expensive, takes more oil and has a louder working mechanism than the Ultrasonic. On the plus side, there is an aesthetically pleasing range to choose from to suit any type of décor.   The Nebulizer does require a bit more maintenance such as frequent cleaning and you will need a greater understanding of essential oils. Nebulizers cannot use viscous oils (thicker, sap based).

Essential Oils to Use

Here are a couple of thicker oils that you and your home could benefit from.


In case you have a problem with insects and you’re searching for a natural way to deal with that, then citronella is just for you. It repels insects, fights bacteria, fungi and fights respiratory infections. Might be a good idea to use it in autumn/winter, when viruses and bacteria tend to catch us. It’s believed that it relaxes muscles too. Therefore, you may want to use it with your nebulizer after the gym.


Inflammations are caused by most of the health conditions and treating it is usually the way to go about getting rid of a disease. Geranium inhibits skin’s inflammatory responses and helps your organism to fight with different issues a bit easier. Use it to fight with dermatitis, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, relieve stress and anxiety. Moreover, it repels insects just as citronella. Both you and your home will benefit from this little miracle.

Keep in mind that in high concentration essential oils can be potent so always look to ‘diffuse’ in a well-ventilated room or area.


Do you now have an idea on how to use essential oil diffuser at home? Have any questions? Would love to share a few ideas with Cushy Spa’s audience? Feel free to comment below! I’ll make sure to answer all of your questions too!


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