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10 Yoga Poses for Perky Butt and Beautiful Thighs

Against what many people think, a perky butt or yoga butt, which apparently is a thing, doesn’t only come through muscles in the glutes.

Also lengthening the muscles gives the buttocks that nice eye-catching look we want for our summer holiday. Here are 10 yoga poses for a perky butt to achieve just that!

10 Yoga Poses for Perky Butt

10 yoga poses for that perky butt

1. Crescent Lunge

It’s one of my favorite poses as it’s so versatile. You can stay in Crescent Lunge foundation with your legs, and side stretches with your arms, twists to one side, you can interlace your fingers behind your back and forward fold.

All while keeping your legs engaged and tailbone tucked in, for an ultimate glute workout.

You can even intensify the engagement of your back leg and glutes if you press that back heel back as much as you can. You will feel the thighs and glutes firing up, plus this trick will help your balance.

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2. Warrior I

While Warrior I Pose looks quite simple, there is more to it than meets the eye. This pose is really empowering.

It always makes me feel strong, especially when you firmly ground all four corners of your feet into the mat and imagine pulling both legs towards each other.

Pressing the outer edge of the back foot down makes it easier to keep the hips facing forward. Reach up through the crown of your head, grow tall, and relax your shoulders.

3. Chair

Chair Pose is amazing for the glutes and the thigh muscles. The deeper you sit, the more these muscles have to work. It also strengthens the Psoas muscle, your main hip flexor, that is really important for lower back health.

Don’t forget toes in this pose, and suck your belly in, for additional abdominal strength.

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4. Side Plank

A fun variation from Plank Pose is Side Plank. You can have a play with your legs, change up the game lifting and lowering the upper leg, tree legs, grab the big toe, whatever you feel like today.

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5. Half Moon

In Half Moon, your whole body has to work, to prevent you from falling over. But the main focus lies on the thighs and glutes.

As you are balancing on one leg, this standing leg has to work extremely hard. Plus the glutes get fired up helping to keep the other leg lifted.

6. Warrior III

Similar as in Half Moon Pose, the glutes really have to work here to hold up your back leg. For an extra challenge, why not lowering and lifting the back leg for a dynamic Warrior III. Let’s mix it up!

7. Standing Splits

This pose lengthens your hamstrings, your glutes and thigh muscles, but also tones your gluteus maximus muscle, which is the one we want to train for a perky butt.

Step up your game with a dynamic movement: Curl into a little ball on the exhale bringing the knee of the leg next to the standing leg. Extend your leg back up while straightening your spine on the next inhale.

Repeat a few times, syncing movement and breath.

8. One Legged Chaturanga

If done correctly, Chaturanga is already quite challenging with both feet on the ground. Especially when you’ve just started your yoga journey.

But hey, who said that toning our behind is easy? Next time you go through a Vinyasa starting in Downward Facing Dog, lift one leg like for Three Legged Dog and keep the leg lifted all the way through Chaturanga. You can release it back on the mat when you’ve reached Cobra.

9. Locust

Locust is a great chest opener and it’s releasing also tension in the upper back. When lifting the legs up, try to keep them close together.

They will probably part anyways, and that’s ok, but try to let that happen only later in the pose. The lifting of the leg is what we need for the perky butt.

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10. Big Toe Pose

With the help of the above postures, we’ve already worked our glutes to a good amount. Can you feel it? Now it’s time for stretching and lengthening.

From Mountain Pose, fold forward, bending from the hips. Try to keep your weight on the heels and press your thighs back, which makes the forward folding on the hips a bit easier.

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