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10 Easy Yoga Poses You Can Do No Matter Your Level

Yoga really is for everyone. Despite what many people think, yoga is not about crazy postures and extreme flexibility. The asanas, the physical yoga postures, are only one of the eight limbs of yoga. 

Their purpose is to keep our body healthy and enable us to sit in a meditation pose for a long time. That’s it. The easy yoga poses below will give you a great start, free off frustration. 

Practice these easy yoga poses a few times a week and you will see how quickly you’ll build up your strength and flexibility, so you will be able to progress to new yoga poses, for some variation.

10 easy yoga poses for anyone

10 Easy Yoga Poses

Be compassionate with yourself and with your body, and when a yoga pose gets really tough, bring your focus back on your breath. It helps you to stay calm and to ease into the pose.

1. Mountain Pose

If you look at a person doing Mountain Pose, it doesn’t look very spectacular. But we do way more than just standing there, we’re not chilling out. If done correctly, the whole body is engaged, from the soles of the feet, all the way up to your shoulders.

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2. Chair

Chair Pose is a great way to tone your legs and buttocks. Lift your feet up to see if your weight is distributed evenly on your heels.

It’s harder to stay down with the weight back, but if you want to gain some strength, try to hold this postures for about 10 breaths while focusing on the air streaming in and out your nostrils.

3. Triangle Pose

This is an amazing way to open up your chest and shoulders, especially after having been sitting for a while. If you engage your core in Triangle Pose your weight feels a bit lighter.

4. Balancing Table

If you’re looking to work on our abdominal muscles, Balancing Table is a great way to start this journey with.

The core is the spiritual center of our creativity and self-confidence, and of utmost importance for great posture, as the abdominal muscles are supporting the spine to stay upright.

5. Navasana

Navasana is another core strengthening posture, popular with beginners and seasoned yogis. If you have a thick book handy, squeeze it in between your thighs. This helps to keep the abdominals and legs engaged.

6. Warrior I

The Warrior Poses are named after the fierce warrior Virabhadra, who stands for our ability to overcome the ego. In Warrior I, our feet are firmly planted into the mat, legs are strong, and the upper body is light, a feeling we can cultivate by lifting the pelvic floor and engage the abdominal muscles. 

Warrior I prepares our body for all standing postures and opens up hips, and the shoulders for more advanced backbends.

7. Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is most yogis’ favorite pose. It is a resting pose, but it also stretches the sides of our torso, the arms and it helps to focus and reconnect with our breath after we’ve accomplished several rounds of Vinyasas.

8. Seated Forward Fold

Flexing the spine and keeping is supple is one of the benefits of a regular yoga practice. You can practice a Seated Forward Fold in a more active way by keeping your legs engaged, feet flexed and pulling your torso forward and down, or you can take a Yin approach. 

For this, you relax all your muscles and gently fold forward from the hips, and let gravity do its work. Feel the breath streaming up and down your spine to calm your mind.

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9. Baby Cobra

In Baby Cobra you can practice to lift up your torso with the strength of your lower back muscles, supporting the lift only slightly with the strength of your arms. Keep your shoulders away from your ears, then you can also turn your head to the right and to the left to loosen up your neck.

10. Tree Pose

The tree is the best balancing pose for beginners. Why is that? You don’t have to focus on many details, the pose really is accessible to everyone.

You can vary with leaving your toes on the mat, or placing them on your inner thigh, depending on how much you want to challenge your balance today. 

Our balance also tells us a lot about our current state of mind, which is different every day. And so will be your tree pose

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