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21 Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss

Fruit is essential to maintaining a healthy diet and is excellent for aiding weight loss. Remember to consume these best fruits to eat for weight loss as a balanced diet with other healthy foods.

Many fruits are low in calories. Yet they’re rich in fiber, which helps with weight loss as they fill for longer. Berries, in particular, are low-calorie powerhouses that are high in nutrients!

Melons are one of the best fruits for weight loss as they have a high water content. They quench your thirst and keep you feeling full!

Fruits for Weight Loss

1. Kiwi Fruit

kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruits are small brown fruits with a fuzzy rind! The soft flesh is bright green or yellow, with tiny black seeds. They’re not too sweet, but they are juicy and refreshing.

Some people don’t like the mouthfeel of the fuzzy skin; however, it does contain much fiber! Kiwi fruit is delicious, eaten whole as a snack or used in salads.

One kiwi fruit contains 24 calories. You’ll also want to know these other low-calorie foods to add to your shopping list!

2. Grapefruit


Grapefruit is a cross between an orange and a pomelo. If you’re not keen on its tart flavor, it is also an excellent addition to sweet and savory salads and other dishes!

Half a grapefruit contains 37 calories.

3. Mango


Mango is a larger fruit with a soft rind (not edible) and a juicy, sweet center.

Though not considered a stone fruit, it does have a large one! Add chunks of soft mango to a smoothie or a fresh fruit salad.

One cup of mango contains 99 calories and is rich in fiber.

4. Strawberries


Strawberries are an excellent, healthy way to satisfy a sweet tooth! They are versatile to eat – enjoy them with cereal, yogurt, or a smoothie for breakfast. They’re also delicious with a salad!

One cup of strawberries contains 50 calories. It also includes 99% of the DV for vitamin C!

5. Papaya


Papaya is a tasty tropical fruit with a yellowy-green rind and a soft orange center.

The seeds taste slightly bitter but are perfectly edible! It’s great for blending into a smoothie or adding to a fruit salad.

One small papaya contains 68 calories.

6. Pineapple


Pineapple is a popular summer fruit due to its refreshing, juicy flesh! Eat it with plain yogurt for a delicious, healthy breakfast. It makes a delightful addition to a main meal when you grill it, too!

One cup of pineapple contains 82 calories.

7. Cantaloupe


Cantaloupe is ideal for eating during the summer as it has a high water content. It keeps you hydrated as well as tasting delicious and refreshing!

Cut your cantaloupe into wedges for a filling snack. You can also scoop balls from the flesh or cut cubes and add them to a fresh salad!

One cup of cantaloupe contains 60 calories.

8. Watermelon


Watermelon is another ideal fruit to eat during the summer due to its high water content. Enjoy it in wedges, or add cubes to sweet and savory salads. It’s also delicious frozen into popsicles!

One cup of watermelon provides 61 calories. However, it has a high GI, so controlling your portion size is essential.

9. Apricots


Apricots are a fruit with soft, sweet flesh. They have a stone – or pit –  inside, which isn’t edible.

Serve slices of apricot with yogurt or add them to a salad. They’re wonderful in desserts, too!

Four apricots contain less than 70 calories.

10. Oranges


Oranges are commonly consumed in juice form. However, eating slices of orange is more beneficial as it increases the feeling of fullness.

Add slices of fresh orange to a seasonal salad or your favorite healthy dessert.

One medium orange contains 73 calories. An orange is one of the best low-calorie snacks to take on the go!

11. Raspberries


Raspberries are delicate berries with a rich red color and delicious sweet taste! They are versatile fruit – enjoy them with a smoothie, cereal, or yogurt for breakfast.

One cup of raspberries contains 64 calories.

12. Apples


Apples are another fruit that are regularly consumed as juice. However, eating them rather than drinking them is more beneficial.

Add slices of apple to a cereal or salad bowl, or bake them for a tasty dessert! However you enjoy your apples, make sure you eat the skin. That’s where you find most of the fiber content!

A large apple contains 116 calories.

13. Passionfruit


This is a fruit that does need to be prepped before you eat it. It has a tough rind that is not edible, but you can eat everything in the center!

You can eat the seeds straight from the rind or use them as a topping for yogurt. Passionfruit is a beautiful addition to drinks, too!

One passionfruit contains 18 calories.

14. Blueberries


Blueberries are another versatile type of berry with a deep blue-purple color.

Enjoy them fresh or frozen with cereal, yogurt, or a smoothie for breakfast. They’re also a delicious addition to a salad!

One cup of blueberries contains 84 calories. Blueberries are one of the best superfoods to boost a healthy diet!

15. Pears


There is a wide variety of pears worldwide. However, they all have more or less the same nutritional value! Try adding slices of pear to your salad!

A medium pear contains 100 calories.

16. Peaches


Peaches are another juicy stone fruit with a slightly fuzzy skin. However, the skin is where you’ll find the highest amount of antioxidants, so make sure to eat it!

Peaches are delicious on their own. However, they go great in salads, too – fresh or grilled!

One peach contains 65 calories.

17. Cherries


Cherries are small stone fruits with soft, sweet flesh. They’re delicious in a fruit salad, with yogurt, or cooked into desserts!

One cup of cherries contains 87 calories.

18. Bananas


Bananas are more calorie-dense than other fruits, so you may think it best to avoid them. However, they’re also more nutrient-rich, so you should make them a part of your diet!

Bananas make an excellent snack for on-the-go. However, you can also enjoy them raw or cooked in various dishes.

One medium banana contains 105 calories. A simple banana is one of the best snacks for weight loss!

19. Pomegranate


Pomegranates require some prep work to separate the arils from the husk. The effort is worth the juicy pops of sweetness from the arils!

Add pomegranate arils to dishes such as fresh salads or roasted squash.

Half a cup of pomegranate arils contains 72 calories.

20. Dragon fruit


The skin of a dragon fruit is bright red with green scales that resemble a dragon. That’s where its name comes from! It has a slightly sweet white pulp with tiny black seeds.

You can eat the flesh of a dragon fruit as it comes. However, it’s also tasty when added to yogurt or a fresh salad!

One cup of dragon fruit contains 60 calories.

21. Plums


Like apricots, plums are a stone fruit with soft, sweet flesh. They’re delicious, chopped into wedges with a seasonal salad.

Two small plums contain less than 70 calories.

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