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21 Low Carb Hacks That’ll Help You Burn Fat

low carb hacks

Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diets; they give us energy! The trouble is that eating too many carbs without burning them off can make it harder to achieve your weight loss goals.

That’s why the low-carb lifestyle has become so popular in recent years. Going low carb doesn’t mean giving up all the delicious foods you love. On the contrary!

Many different low-carbohydrate hacks will let you enjoy all your favorite foods without compromising taste.

Whatever your goals for going low carb are, these twenty-one hacks will help to keep you on track.

1. Use Almond Flour Instead of Wheat Flour

Use Almond Flour Instead of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour is the most common flour used in baking because it’s quick and easy to access. From bread to delicious pastries, wheat flour is in almost all baked goods.

However, wheat flour is also a high source of carbohydrates. Substituting it with almond flour, a low-carb alternative, is a great way to enjoy your favorite baked treats with fewer carbohydrates.

2. Create a Low Carb Meal Plan

Create a Low Carb Meal Plan

Most of the time, trying out a new habit or lifestyle is derailed by a lack of planning. Many of us have been caught without something to make at mealtimes and opted for the convenient option.

But, if you’re opting for the low-carb lifestyle, finding a convenient option that suits you can be really tough. Preparing a meal plan in advance can help you avoid these moments.

Plan your meals, and shop for all your ingredients together; you don’t have to make a new decision for every meal. You’ll already know what’s on the menu!

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3. Try Zoodles Instead of Pasta

Zoodles Instead of Pasta

There are entire cuisines built on pasta – thank you, Italy – and you don’t need to miss out! Zoodles are a quick, easy, and low-carb alternative for pasta that soaks up the sauce just as well.

Depending on how much time you have, you can make your zoodles at home or purchase them pre-cut. Keep your fridge stocked with them, and continue to enjoy all the pasta dishes you love.

4. Keep Low Carb Snacks on Hand

Handful of nuts

It can be hard to stick to the low-carb lifestyle when cravings strike, especially when you’re snacky! Having a stash of low-carb snacks with you can help reduce the chance of reaching for that bag of chips.

Simple alternatives like sliced vegetables or nuts work wonders. If you’re after something a little more luxurious, the supermarket shelves are stocked with tasty low-carb chips, chocolates, and cookies to try.

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5. Use Cauliflower Instead of Rice

Cauliflower Instead of Rice

Much like pasta, rice is a staple ingredient in many homes. It can be difficult to go without it, but you don’t have to with this simple substitution!

When shredded, cauliflower takes on a delightfully fluffy texture, making it the perfect rice alternative. It’s super simple to make; all you need is a food processor.

Steam the shredded cauliflower in just a few minutes, and you’ve got a tasty low-carb rice substitute that will keep you fuller for longer.

6. Use Veggies as a Bun for Burgers and Sandwiches

Burger with lettuce bun

Burgers and sandwiches are some of the greatest inventions on the planet. The problem is, the carbs in the bread stand in the way of enjoying them with a low-carb lifestyle… or do they?

Rather than using bread, try substituting a lettuce wrap to finish off your sandwich. It won’t compromise the taste, but the freshness and delicious crunch are great for enjoying your favorite sandwich.

7. Make Low Carb Versions of Your Favorite Desserts

low card dessert bar

One of the essential parts of adopting a new lifestyle is ensuring you enjoy it. There’s no need to deprive yourself of the desserts you love.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s almost sure someone has a low-carb recipe for it! Whether it’s cakes, cookies, ice cream, pudding, or anything else, give a low-carb alternative a try.

8. Prepare Your Cheese Chips

cheese chips

I don’t know about you, but when I feel snacky, it’s almost a habit to reach for a bag of potato chips. Unfortunately, they don’t gel with the low-carb lifestyle, but I know something that does!

Cheese chips are a super-simple alternative that takes virtually no time to make. All you have to do is finely grate some cheese, arrange it in circles, and bake to a crisp. Voila, a low-carb snack masterpiece!

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9. Prepare Freezer Meals

Freezer Meals

For those moments when you really don’t feel like cooking, have some freezer meals on standby. Then instead of heading out to the nearest drive-through, you can enjoy the convenience and a low-carb meal.

Casseroles,  stews, and soups are great for freezing. They defrost beautifully, requiring only an oven or a warm pot to come back to life. They’re super tasty and easy to prepare in bulk for freezing!

10. Use Fresh Berries Instead of Jam

Fresh Berries

While jam can be tempting, it’s packed with added sugars that don’t gel with low-carb life. But fresh fruit is a simple alternative to this breakfast favorite that removes the added sugar risk.

If you’re after the texture of jam, you can simply mash the berries with a fork and dollop them away. Otherwise, a sprinkling of fresh, whole berries will add a great texture and look to your plate.

11. Try Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower Pizza Crust

If there’s a lifestyle that says I can’t eat pizza, I don’t want to be a part of it. Luckily, this cauliflower pizza crust hack means we can all enjoy a delicious pizza without the carb-filled crust.

The trick is to shred and steam some cauliflower before pressing it into a pizza crust shape. Assemble your toppings on the base and bake, allowing the cauliflower to crisp until it’s crunchy to the touch.

12. Make ‘Nice’ Cream (Low Carb Ice Cream)

‘Nice’ Cream

‘Nice’ cream is a term used by low-carb lovers to describe low-carb ice cream, and the name fits! You can make this by blitzing frozen bananas alongside your favorite flavor additions.

Frozen bananas take on a fantastic cream-like texture when they’re blitzed for a long time. All the air entering the mixture creates a fluffy and delicate ice cream so good that you’ll never look back.

13. Eat Leftovers for Lunch

Leftovers for Lunch

Lunchtime is one of the most challenging meals to stay on track for. It’s right in the middle of the day when we’re at our busiest, and thinking too hard about what to make can send us running for the takeout menus.

However, if you make enough dinner to ensure you have leftovers the next day, you won’t encounter this problem! Simply reheat and enjoy; no need to wrestle with a whole new meal every time.

14. Have Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are a reliable low-carb breakfast option. They’re super versatile and straightforward to make. You can have eggs for breakfast every day because you can make them in a hundred different ways!

Poached, boiled, scrambled, fried; the delicious possibilities are endless! Simply keeping your fridge stocked with eggs can help you avoid reaching for the toast and jam.

15. Get Rid of High Carb Foods in the House

empty pantry

Temptation is a tricky beast to conquer, so why not make life easier on yourself? Rather than facing all the high-carb foods in your pantry every day, simply remove them from your line of sight.

By getting rid of the high-carb foods in your pantry, you’re making it much harder to access them. Introducing friction is a great way to keep you on track with your low-carb journey.

16. Make Low Carb Bread Yourself

Low Carb Bread

Thanks to low-carb geniuses that came before us, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of low-carb bread recipes. You can buy it pre-made, but this is the cheaper and more filling option.

If you’re going to be consistently making your low-carb bread, I highly recommend investing in a bread maker. In the morning, you put all the ingredients in, and when you come home, your bread is ready!

17. Use Low Carb Sweeteners to Curb Sugar Cravings

Low Carb Sweeteners

Foods high in sugar don’t gel with the low-carb lifestyle, but we all get cravings. Having a low-carb sweetener waiting in the wings is a great way to enjoy something sweet without all the sugar.

Just pay attention to how your body reacts to a particular brand, taking care to use sweeteners that help, not hurt.

18. Make Your Own Low Carb Salad Dressings and Condiments

Low Carb Salad Dressings and Condiments

Salad dressings and condiments are silent but deadly, containing more carbs than most people expect! Making fresh alternatives at home is much better for your health and tastebuds.

Simple dressings are easy to make at the moment, or you can prepare condiments in advance to store for when you need them.

19. Follow a Routine to Stay On Track

alarm clock

When going low-carb, following a routine is your best friend. It minimizes the micro-decisions you have to make each mealtime. Instead, you can simply create habits that keep you on track automatically.

It takes a little while to set these routines in motion, but stick with it! Set up a meal plan, have a regular snack rotation, and you’ll be all set in no time.

20. Utilize Your Crockpot and Instant Pot

Crockpot and Instant Pot

Whether you’re meal prepping, making frozen meals, or simply wanting an easy dinner option, Instant Pots are your savior. There are so many simple low-carb crockpot or Instant Pot recipes to try.

Soups and stews are delicious, as they’re usually just meat and vegetables.

21. Meal Prep in Advance

Meal Prep

Our final hack is to prepare your meals in advance! That’s right, in the low-carb lifestyle, having your meals ready to go is a great way to minimize temptation.

Carbs in moderation are good for you, but overdoing them can leave you feeling slow and heavy. Have meals that cater to your tastes ready and waiting, so you don’t need to think about it.