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20 Keto Air Fryer Recipes

If you’re like me, you love deep-fried food. After all, nothing beats the crispiness and crunchiness of deep-fried food. However, deep-fried food is loaded with calories. And extra calories means kissing your skinny jeans good-bye. Also, deep-fried food isn’t good for you. So, what can you do instead? Fry your food using an air fryer. …
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20 Under 10g Carb Meals for When You’re on Keto

Are you on a keto diet? Then you know that watching your carbs is important. Eat too many carbs, and you’ll be out of ketosis. And that means kissing goodbye to those skinny jeans. So, how can you keep on track with your macros? By eating meals that are low in carbs. Today, I’m sharing …
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20 Healthy Christmas Dinners

There’s so much to love about Christmas dinners. The delicious food… and that post-Christmas dinner snooze. But all too often, Christmas dinners are not very healthy. They tend to be loaded with calories. And we all know what that means… Your clothes mysteriously shrinking over the holidays. But what if you could indulge in Christmas …
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